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My name is Kate and I run Pewterspear Green based in Stretton. I make soy wax candles and melts and I use essential oils to give them a natural subtle scent. 

Trio gift box  - £22.95

3 9cl candles containing soy wax and scented with pure essential oils. 1. Lemongrass 1. Orange and 1. Ginger lily with ylang ylang ( orange, bergamot, aniseed, cypress, cedarwood,  patchouli, ylang ylang and tagette)
Posted 2nd class

Soy wax and essential oil Christmas tree melts. £6
Scented with essential oils to give a scent of cardomom, nutmeg, mandarin, lemon, vanilla, and patchouli. 
Melt time of 3-4 hours per tree

Joyeux Noel £13.50
Soy wax scented with essential oils and finished with a cotton wick. It comes complete with a gift box. The scent is warming and gives an aroma of cardamom, nutmeg, mandarin, lemon, vanilla and patchouli.
Burn time approx  25 hrs plus
Posted 2nd class 
Letterbox Melts £8.50
2 packets of 6 melts made of soy wax and scented with lemongrass and lavender essential oils. Each melt should melt/burn for 3-4 hours.
To be used with an unscented tealight.
Posted 2nd class
Lavender jam jar candle £16.95
Soy wax and lavender essential oil create a relaxing aroma. Burn time of 36 hours plus.
Posted 2 nd class 

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