Emerald Gin

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Gareth & Scott first met through their wives, twin sisters from the leafy suburb of Heald Green - a hidden gem in the North West of England. They always wanted to create something special and in 2019 on a family holiday they started to dream. After a few drinks on the beach one day, their gin idea was born. They set out to create a great tasting gin enjoyed by everyone..."Dreams and dedication are a powerful combination." First round served December 2020.

Emerald Gin - London Dry Gin
Emerald Gin is an exceptionally smooth tasting gin, boasting strong citrus flavours, soft floral notes and fierce spice. The result is a perfectly balanced and fantastically dry tasting gin. Created by brothers-in-law Gareth and Scott, each bottle is carefully crafted in their hand-built garden shed distillery. Launched in December 2020, an exciting and refreshing new gin. Follow their journey on Instagram: @emerald_gin_ltd and visit emeraldgin.com

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