Crackers about Cheese

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Experiment with cheese whilst you are
On lockdown ! Cheese with a difference .....
We supply a wide variety of award winning pre packed cheeses and butter. We try and supply you with not only the “usual” everyday cheese varieties but also those with a difference such as lemon crumbly, charcoal cheddar and chilli lime.
We can also supply decorated cheese bombs for birthdays and gifts, personalized if you wish for that different special gift !

Ploughman’s pickle 200g approx £3.50
Sage derby 200g approx £3.50
Flaming eck 200g approx £3.50
Lancashire & black pepper approx 200g £3.50
Lancashire garlic original approx 200g £3.50

Lancashire crumbly  200g £3.50

Lancashire tasty  200g £3.50
Lancashire creamy  200g £3.50
Lancashire lemon crumbly  200g £3.50
Mature vintage cheddar  200g £3.50
Cheddar mustard & horseradish  200g £3.50
Cheddar & horseradish  200g £3.50
Smoked cheddar  200g £3.50
Chilli & lime  200g £3.50
Charcoal cheddar  200g £3.50
Lancashire red onion & red wine  200g £3.50
Wensleydale  200g £3.50
Cheddar garlic & Herb  200g £3.50
Stilton. £4.50
Brie £3.00
Pizza cheese( great for pasta dishes) £3.50 180g
Teriyaki & garlic £3.50
Barton blue/blacksticks 140g £3

Rhubarb Crumble/jam £3.50
Ale & Mustard £3.50 
Wensleydale & cranberry £3.50
Violife vegan original block 200g £3.50
Violife applewood smoked block 200g  £3.50
Goats cheese £5
sheep’s cheese £5
Welsh butter 250g £2

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