Burt's Cheese

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All products are vegetarian and contain milk, the drunken burt contains milk and sulphides

Burt's Blue 1.1kg 
'The Original'
Burt's Blue is the flagship product of Burt's Cheese, a wonderfully creamy semi-soft cheese made using pasteurised cows milk.   £30.00 inc p+p Vegetarian, contains Milk

Drunken Burt 1.2kg
Drunken Burt is our Burt's Cheese washed in Herefordshire cider. Creamy flavour with fresh apple acidity from the cider £31.50 inc p+p  Vegetarian, contains Milk and Sulphides

Burt's Mini Selection
Burt's Blue min 180g
Drunken Burt min 180g
A selection of our two award-winning soft cheeses; Our creamy original Burt's Blue and cider washed Drunken Burt
£18.50 inc p+p Vegetarian contains Milk and Sulphides

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