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We specialise in all types of cacti and succulents and also offer an unrivalled choice of indoor planters

Based in Cheshire, we use organic coco compost enriched with slow release fertiliser for all our planting.  Coco compost is the perfect medium for succulents as it is very free draining. We also used sustainably sourced crushed whelk shells for our top dressing

Our finished planters are showcased at Makers Markets around the North West. Unfortunately we don’t post our plants as we cannot guarantee a safe journey for them.  As an alternative we offer a fab range of ‘plant your own’ kits online.  These contain everything you need to do your own planting at home – pot of your choice, live cactus or succulent, organic coco compost, crushed shells, full planting and care instructions and a wooden planting tool.  The kits are perfect for children or adults! 

The kits arrive in sturdy presentation boxes which are easy to wrap.  We also include a hand written message if required.  Just leave a note with your order and don’t forget to let us know whether you’d prefer a cactus or succulent! 

Happy Planting! 

  • Cat ‘plant your own kit’ - £16 inc p&p,
  • Fox ‘plant your own kit’ - £16 inc p&p,
  • Panda ‘plant your own kit’ - £16 inc p&p,
  • Bee ‘plant your own kit’ - £16 inc p&p,
  • Frida Kahlo ‘plant your own’ kit - £18 inc p&p,
  • Ross ‘plant your own kit’ - £18 inc p&p,
  • Chantelle ‘plant your own kit’ - £18 inc p&p,
  • Barney the Dog ‘plant your own kit’ - £18 inc p&p,
  • Leggy Smiley Face ‘plant your own kit’ - £18 inc p&p

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