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Crystals, Crystal Jewellery, Mediation packs & energetic wellbeing



1. Meditation Pack

This pack will set the scene and prepare your space for meditation.

* Palo Santo stick to cleanse the air and lift the vibration by getting rid of negative energies. These sticks come from South America from windfall trees only.

* Natural Rose Quartz chunk to focus the mind on. Rose Quartz is for the heart Chakra, Love, Compassion and Kindness to ourselves and others, it's gentle but strong vibration helps the Heart Chakra to become calm and balanced.

* Mini Dalit candle with a subtle Lavender aroma to set the atmosphere. Each purchase of these candles goes to support vulnerable children in India.

(Visit http://www.lifeassociation.org.uk/ for more information on their projects.)

Comes wrapped in fabric and a recycled space grey gift box.

Price £12


2. Mandala Pack

Create your own beautiful Mindful Mandalas

With this 15 piece template set. Mandala: 

A Sanskrit word which loosely translated means circle representing wholeness, unity and harmony.

Creating a mandala is absorbing to a level that it quietens the chattering mind bringing a peaceful 

level of consciousness.

The templates are cut by Mike in Manchester from beech wood.

Comes in a recycled space grey gift box with instructions. 

Price £12


3. Crystal Starter Pack

Seven crystals to help align our seven main Chakras,

carefully packaged together with an introduction and welcome to the world of crystals. 

The crystals may vary from the images used here due to their unique nature and

different crystals may be used from time to time, still of course resonating with each of the chakras. 

Please feel free to get in touch for more information or any special requests.

Comes in a recycled space grey gift box.

Price £25


4. Palo Santo Bundle of 3 Sticks

Palo Santo has a invigorating, uplifting & cleansing scent even before lighting

Our sticks come from South America from windfall trees only. 

Light the stick and let it flame briefly, extinguish and smudge your crystals

and area to transmute negative energy to positive.

You can leave your stick to smoulder in a shell or flame proof dish.

Price £4.50

5. House Cleansing Kit

This pack has been carefully pieced together to help cleanse and purify your home, to invite joy and positivity to your surroundings.

Palo Santo (Holy Wood)

- From wind fallen trees native to Latin America. Giving an uplifting scent when burnt, helping to clear low and negative energies, welcoming positivity into the area.

Selenite stick

- Brings protection and helps to remove negative energy from your home, bringing a sense of calm to your surroundings. 

Root Chakra crystal

Protecting | Grounding | Clears Negativity

- The Root Chakra/ Mūlādhāra takes care of your basic needs, our safety & security bringing stability into your essence.


- A natural heat proof smudging bowl to place the Palo Santo whilst or after burning.

Comes wrapped in fabric and a recycled space grey gift box.

Price £12 

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