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Kanoa Living - Zodiac Bracelets

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Our Zodiac bracelet range has been handmade by ourselves in Cheshire with 925 Silver and Semi Precious Stones.

Each stone resonates with each Zodiac Sign:

C A P R I C O R N | 22nd December ~ 19th January | Fluorite

A Q U A R I U S | 20th January ~ 18th February | Angelite

P I S C E S | 19th February ~ 20th March | Blue Lace Agate

A R I E S | 20th March ~ 19th April | Amethyst

T A U R U S | 20th April ~ 20th May | Rose Quartz

G E M I N I | 21st May ~ 20th June | Tiger's Eye

C A N C E R | 21st June ~ 22nd July | Carnelian

L E O | 23rd July ~ 22nd August | Onyx

V I R G O | 23rd August ~ 22nd September | Amazonite

L I B R A | 23rd September ~ 22nd October | Aventurine

S C O R P I O | 23rd October ~ 21st November | Smokey Quartz

S A G G I T A R I U S | 22nd November ~ 21st December | Chalk Turquoise

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