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Kitty's Creations are proud to bring you our ethically made, vegan friendly, sustainable wax melts and candles.

We bring to you our items, all handmade, all imperfectly unique, but perfect we hope, to make your home the sanctuary you deserve all year round. We have found that the warmth and presence of candles is the perfect companion when relaxing, whether that’s after a day in the countryside, or unwinding from the stresses of modern life. Now that we are all living with isolation we understand how important having outside time is - even if that is through scents and mediation. We hope that you will find the same calm when using our items as we have experienced when making them, and hope they bring you joy.


Wax Melts: Thai Lime and Mango, Strawberry Rhubarb, Paradise Beach, Black Plum and Rhubarb, Sweet Pea, Chestnut Latte.

Wax melter: Dragonfly design. 

Thai Lime and Mango: 


Hand-made, vegan friendly, natural Soy wax melts, coloured with a pattern of Mango-red and Thai Lime-green dots. Each melt is a vibrant mix of aromas, taking you back to those warm humid days and the sounds of night-time crickets on the trip you will never forget.

Price £5.60 for 1 melt.

Strawberry and Rhubarb:


Hand-made, vegan friendly, natural Soy wax melts, coloured from green to pink in a blend mimicking how the balance of the fragrance is beautifully combined. Each melt is a nostalgic trip back to childhood fun, remember as you helped to harvest the strawberries and rhubarb in the summers that went on forever.    

 Price £5.60 for 1 melt.  

Paradise Beach: 


Hand-made, vegan friendly, natural Soy wax melts, coloured like a perfect tropical sea lapping over the golden yellow sand.  Each melt reveals a scent evoking the memory of warm sunshine caressing your skin as waves gently lap around your ankles, feeling yourself relax as your holiday begins.

 Price £5.60 for 1 melt.    

Peony and Blush Suede:


Hand-made, vegan friendly, natural Soy wax melts coloured a beautiful Salmon - Geraldine pink. Each melt effortlessly releases the subtle aroma of Peony mingled with the woody richness of Suede, filling you home with the very essence of summer.

Price £5.60 for 1 melt.     

Black Plum and Rhubarb:


Hand-made, vegan friendly, natural Soy wax melts coloured deep plum purple. Each melt is a beautiful fruity mixture of succulent black plum and rhubarb, interwoven with tender peach and sweet English pear, like a late summer's afternoon relaxing in the perfect garden.

Price £5.60 for 1 melt.  

Sweet Pea:

Hand-made, vegan friendly, natural Soy wax melts coloured with gentle Sweet Pea marbling patterned in their delicate pink and purple shades. Each melt is alive with Sweet Peas, giving you the uplifting fragrance of walking through flowering archways and pergolas.

Price £5.60 for 1 melt.  

Chestnut Latte:

Hand-made, vegan friendly, natural Soy wax melts coloured a delicate rich brown blending to a light and creamy yellow.  Each melt reveals a sweet aroma as freshly roasted chestnuts combine with white ginger, cinnamon and clove with swirls of vanilla and fresh coffee. Imagine yourself beside the fire as the horse chestnuts roast.


 Price £5.60 for 1 melt.  

Ceramic Dragonfly wax melter:


This beautiful ceramic dragonfly burner is both elegant and draught resistant. Due to its’ closed decorative design this attractive burner lifts onto the base covering the flame from every angle.

Our Wax Melt Burners let you enjoy the unique fragrance of our hand-made Wax Melts. Easy and convenient to alternate your fragrance whenever you desire, our warmers use a standard size tea-lights and we recommend using one which is fragrance free.

Height 10.5cm x Diameter 9.5cm.

Price £14.00 


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