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I make and sell gemstone jewellery, including malas.

HEALING MALA - £43.22 : Materials: 108 x 6 mm amethyst beads, one amethyst nugget, natural silk thread, handmade cotton tassel.
A beautiful amethyst mala necklace with one amethyst nugget forming the guru. Amethyst is a stone of spirituality and contentment; it bestows stability, strength, inner peace.

QUIETING THE MIND MALA - £45.00: Materials : 6 mm smokey quartz beads, one agate nugget, strong silk thread, handmade tassel.
Smokey quartz acts as an effective, usually gentle, grounding stone.  It is quieting and calming with an even energy than can regulate and temper crystals of a more volatile nature.   Smokey quartz will gently dissolve negative states of mind.
Agate is a soothing, calming crystal which works slowly to bring inner strength, self-acceptance and self-confidence.  Agate encourages you to stop worrying and to take a step back from your problems helping you to regain balance and to release negativity from your life. 

YELLOW JASPER IN MACRAME POUCH - £11.00: Yellow jasper, black shamballa knotting cord.  Yellow Jasper is a remarkable stone for deflecting jealousy.  It makes an excellent shield if you are the object of petty gossip.  Wear to ease chronic worries and self-consciousness about what others say or think, and to help overcome embarrassment when eating alone in public.

GREEN AVENTURINE IN MACRAME POUCH - £11.00Green Aventurine, black shamballa knotting cord.  Green aventurine is known as the “Stone of Opportunity".  Thought to be the luckiest of all crystals, especially in manifesting prosperity and wealth. 

ANIMAL TOTEM FREEDOM NECKLACE - £14.52:  Tibetan silver, 16" / 40.64 cm silver plated trace chain.  Wolf is a totem animal symbolic of freedom.  Wolf offers some of the most striking animal meanings in the realm of spirit animals. The power of the wolf brings forth instinct, intelligence, an appetite for freedom, and awareness of the importance of social connections.

ANIMAL TOTEM PERCEPTION NECKLACE - £10.50:  Tibetan silver, 18" / 45.72 cm silver plated lobster chain, light purple rhinestones.  Pendant measures 1.75" / 4.4 cm in length and is 2" / 5.1 cm wide.  Bat people are very perceptive – able to pick up on subtleties and hear “what’s not being said”. Bat symbolises change, new beginnings, and the ability to hear the “inner voice”. Many people who are clairaudient carry this totem.

PROTECTING LOTUS BRACELET - £18.34: 6 mm carnelian beads, silver plated spacer beads, Tibetan silver lotus charm, elastic.  As a stone of protection Carnelian was used in ancient times to protect the home from lightening strikes and storms. It was also carried as an amulet to ward off psychic attack and as protection against ‘the evil eye’.

BALANCING BRACELET - £15.00:  6 mm onyx beads, black howlite skull, elastic.  Skulls have great significance and traditional value in Celtic culture.  The Celtic people were very much drawn to the idea of openings, seeing them as doorways, gateways etc.


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