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Like many Liverpool natives, our ancestry is traced back to Ireland. William Murphy, a young mariner, left Wexford harbour in 1889 with a dream of better life.  He arrived in Liverpool, which was then one of the greatest maritime cities on earth.  Fast forward 130 years and 4 generations later; now three brothers have embarked on a different type of journey with Murphy’s Gin.

We pride ourselves in being a family business and a craft distillery.  We have slowly developed our recipes using a carefully chosen blend of botanicals.   Our philosophy is simple; every batch is prepared by hand and we use traditional distillation methods to achieve a superior and authentic gin.   We distil in small batches of less than 50 bottles using hand crafted copper stills at our micro distillery in the North Docks area of Liverpool.

Our high-quality craft gins don’t use any sugar in the recipes; we don’t need to, as the blend of botanicals and ingredients we use create all the taste you need.  Our flavoured gins still have a central juniper background.  All of our Gins are also vegan friendly and are allergen free.

All of our ingredients and packaging have been sourced from UK based companies.  Being environmentally conscious, we have deliberately chosen bottles which do not use an excess of glass. This means that more bottles can be manufactured and transported with a lesser carbon footprint than if we used heavy bottomed glass bottles.  Our corks and paper labels are all sourced from suppliers with sustainability & ethical credentials and we compost all of our spent botanicals.

Our Products

Murphy's Original London Dry Gin - 50cl
£29.99 (+£2.99 P&P)
Murphy’s Original Gin (42% ABV) is an award winning classic London Dry Gin; However, ours is juniper forward and packed heavy with botanicals giving it a robust and bold flavour profile with citrus and peppery notes. Because of its bold flavour, our Original Gin stands up extremely well in cocktails as well as being an excellent sipping gin.

Murphy's Pomegranate & Lime Gin - 50cl
£29.99 (+£2.99 P&P)
Murphy’s Pomegranate & Kaffir Lime Gin (42% ABV) is delightfully refreshing with a punchy pomegranate flavour paired with the delicate citrus of kaffir lime, no sugar is added. An initial, slightly tangy pomegranate sweetness is followed by peppery juniper, and lots of citrus peel. An uplifting Gin, smooth and complex with an ultra-dry finish.

Murphy's Orange & Passionfruit Gin - 50cl
£29.99 (+£2.99 P&P)
Murphy’s Orange & Passionfruit Gin (42% ABV) is an exceptional pairing of flavours. We don’t add sugar to any of our spirits, and piney juniper is still the dominant flavour. A harmony of citrus follows with fragrant passion fruit making appearance alongside a spicy finish.

Murphy's Gin Miniature Gift Set (3 x 50ml)
£12.99 (+£2.99 P&P)
Miniature Gift Set - The perfect tasting trio for gin lovers containing a 50ml bottle of each of our three gins; award winning Murphy’s Original London Dry Gin, Murphy’s Orange & Passionfruit Gin and Murphy's Pomegranate & Kaffir Line Gin (all 42% ABV).

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