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Roots Handmade is a brand specialising in vegan and organic skin, hair and body care not only with beautiful botanicals but with active bioavailable ingredients proven to work. Palm free. Cruelty Free. No nasties. No colours. No synthetic fragrance. No SLS/SLES. No parbens. No alcohol. Plastic free and zero waste options available. Our range consists of; face, body, hands & feet, hair & scalp, ingredients, pets. Proudly handmade in Cheshire. ‘The Future of Skincare, means we must go back to our Roots’

Essence Intense Facial Serum - Suitable for mature skin and all skin types. Formulated with 67% organic ingredients, oils and botanicals including an exclusive micro-algae blend that works on fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin, rosemary Co2 extract antioxidant and beta-carotene that the body converts to natural vitamin A within the body. Works on both internal and external stressors such as the environment by mopping up free radicals. 30ml glass bottle £19.


Cascada Skin Food Hydrating Facial Moisturisers x2 to choose from - formulated with hyaluronic acid - the holy grail of hydrating ingredients as it attracts up to x600 its own weight in water! Tannins from oak offer astringent and skin tautening properties and botanical silicone from millet seed - a natural, active ingredient complex. The new production of collagen and glucosamine glucans is accelerated and the skin profile is improved from within thereby improving wrinkles, fine lines and sagging skin. 60ml glass jars £27.

 Fusion 1 - oily to normal skin types and Fusion 2 - dry to normal skin types. Email' with your preference

Volcanic Enzyme Putty Facial Mask Treatment - is suitable for all skin types. It is a cream to clay type treatment designed with papaya juice and pineapple extract enzymes to actually break down dead skin cells and remove them leaving you toned and refreshed. Leaves skin luminous and velvety soft to the touch. Produced in Brittany, France, the Enzymatic Peeling Mask is a blend of fruits rich in enzymes (papaya & pineapple). The powder is mixed with water to create an active, creamy paste. This mask captures the natural exfoliating power of papaya & pineapple enzymes to gently eliminate dead skin cells.

The skin is brightened and the complexion recovers its radiance. 45g glass jar £17

Marigold Skin Food 

- hydrating formula for the face, body and hands. Our fabulous Skin Food blends without essential oils or actives for those who prefer no scent, prefer not to use actives and a softer recipe for those who have sensitivities. Made with lashings of macerated calendula (marigold flowers macerated in high-oleic sunflower oil), prebiotic chicory root to replace bad bacteria with good bacteria on the skin's surface and vitamin E and aloe vera to nourish, heal and protect the skin's barrier. 60ml glass jar £15.50

 Restoration Oil Treatments

x9 to choose from - Versatile blends for use on the hair and body - use as a hair treatment or body massage oil/rub - blended with rosemary Co2 extract antioxidant, vitamin E antioxidant, oat lipids to repair damage, plant-based silk from sugar beets for that feel factor, vegetable and essential oils and a range of botanical flowers.  50ml glass bottle £15.50. Email with your option

Treatment, skin and hair types and properties of essential oils;

Sabia: Rose flowers, Russian clary sage and Madagascan Ylang. All skin and hair types except sensitive skins. Confidence, sensual, aphrodisiac, de-stress, soothing, hormone balancing.

Lavanda: French Lavender oil, lavender flowers and Egyptian geranium. All skin and hair types including sensitive skin problems. Calming, de-stress, tranquility, hormone balancing, positivity.

Santo: Somali Myrrh and Frankincense. All skin and hair types except sensitive skins. De-stress, positivity, spiritual.

Palma Rosa: Jasmine flowers, Egyptian petitgrain and Indian palmarosa. Very dry, damaged and mature skin and hair. De-stress, positivity, calming.

Cedro: Masculine scent ideal as a beard oil. French cedarwood and Malawian lemongrass. De-stress, calming. All skin types except sensitive.

Citrus Earth: Chamomile flowers, Indonesian patchouli and Egyptian petitgrain. Oily, mature, congested, combination, damaged, dandruff, itchy scalp and acne. Lethargy, de-stress, positivity, calming, fatigue.

Coco: Calendula petals. All skin and hair types including sensitive skin problems. Essential oil free. Scent of rosemary.

Detox: Roman chamomile and Juniper Berry. Cellulite, scars and stretch marks, congested skin, acne, all skin and hair types except sensitive. Detoxification, lymphatic drainage, toning, de-stress.

Picante: Sri Lankan ginger and Malawian lemongrass. All skin and hair types except sensitive skin problems. Muscle aches and pains, de-stress.

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