Witch Kings Rum

Witch Kings Rum

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Witch Kings Rum

The Witch Kings take the finest pure single rum from Ninefold Distillery, glimmering with rich caramel notes, and combine this with a relentless fresh fruit infusion to create a complex rum liqueur full of sweet and magical flavours.

Fires of the Wild: All it takes is a spark. Sweet strawberries and tangy lemons set the scene in "Fires of the Wild". A flash of vibrant chilli ignites the mouth, creating a warming, colourful finish.

Sunset Solstice: As daylight passes its peak, syrupy peach flavours salute the setting sun. Potent ginger fills your nostrils and tangy lime tickles your senses. "Sunset Solstice" carries the knowledge that although the day is over, the night has just begun.

Bohemian Dreams: "Bohemian Dreams" is a crescendo of rich pineapple lulled into a minty melody that sleeps within a beautiful bed of blueberry. All art needs a muse and this elixir will help you fuel those fantastical creations.

Gift Boxes
Whether you're searching for a unique gift, or just haven't yet decided on your favourite flavour, this set will do the trick.
Including a trio of our brand new 50ml miniatures (1 of each Witch Kings Rum flavour), a 200ml bottle of tonic from The London Essence Co., and hand-made candied lime garnishes - these sample packs have been flying out at our markets and pop-up shops!
Get yours now, and impress everyone with your impeccable taste in presents - or enjoy all to yourself ;)

Further Info: Our Rum Liqueurs are bottled at 20% abv, and are great on the rocks or paired with a light tonic. All our products are vegan & gluten-free. Shipping usually takes less than a week for delivery. Further info can be found on our website: https://www.witchkingsrum.com

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